In addition to building engineering, IMS houses a GIS unit which integrates GIS  engineering, planning and management services rendered to clients. IMS fully understands the use and importance of the GIS technology in undertaking civil  infrastructure and planning projects.  IMS uses GIS as a decision making tool in array of services such as, site planning, environmental planning, master planning, and transportation planning projects. IMS has experience in carrying out GIS needs assessments for local government agencies, by analyzing their needs and requirements.

IMS has in-house capability to provide a wide range of the GIS services including:

  • Needs assessment
  • Data management
  • Site planning
  • Spatial analysis
  • Master planning 

IMS has a multidisciplinary staff with GIS expertise to carry out a multitude of tasks. IMS has also built an in-house library of several geographical attributes/features database for various regions. In addition, IMS has CAD expertise for developing design drawings for various projects .

GIS Needs Assessment
Alexandria, Louisiana

IMS along with GEC and the U.S. Army Corps of Engineers (New Orleans District), teamed to complete a Needs Analysis for the city of Alexandria, Louisiana. By conducting interviews with various city departments, IMS proposed a GIS system to cater their functional requirements. 

Byram Clinton Corridor
Hinds County, Mississippi 

Using GIS is an integral part of our project execution philosophy. IMS utilized GIS to identify the creek crossings, wetlands, floodplains and delineate drainage areas for the proposed $99 million roadway.